Partners and supporters

Our work is made possible through our partners’ and supporters’ commitment to eliminating the social and emotional impacts of hearing conditions. Find out more below and get in touch with us to explore further opportunities.

Ida Institute is an independent, non-profit organisation working to build a community that embraces person-centered care. Together with clinicians, academics, and people with hearing conditions around the world, they help people develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to better manage hearing conditions.

We are delighted to partner with Ida Institute, and we look forward to bringing our more partnership updates as we progress our plans.

Our work to date with Ida Institute


New research on using Ida Motivation Tools to determine client stages of change

New research published in the International Journal of Audiology uses Ida Motivation Tools to assess what stage of change people with hearing loss are on. ‘Identifying clients’ readiness for hearing rehabilitation within initial audiology appointments: a pilot study‘ by Katie Ekberg of the University of Queensland, and Caitlin Barr of the University of Melbourne, is the outcome a project funded by the Ida Research Grant.

Soundfair is proud to partner with Access Ability Australia on a range of projects, including contributing to the Access Keys initiative. Access Keys are uniquely customised to each individual venue or event, providing visitors with improved and accurate access information. They are designed to help people plan their visit and to feel comfortable, confident and at ease when visiting.

Better Hearing Australia is a federated organisation that supports community members with hearing conditions. Fun fact: Soundfair was formally known as Better Hearing Australia Victoria Inc. During June 2020, we became Soundfair. There are several Better Hearing Australia sites across Australia, and we are still proudly partnered with these incredible and necessary organisations. Read more about Better Hearing Australia organisations here:

Better Hearing Australia

Better Hearing Australia

Better Hearing Australia

BETTer hearing australia (ACT)

better hearing australia