Advocating for action

Soundfair’s Acting CEO Dr Jessica Vitkovic has written an important piece for Croakey, in response to the release of the Hearing Services Review panel final report. She writes:

Famously, there are two certainties in life – death and taxes – but with Australia’s ageing population, for one-in-four of us, soon hearing loss will also be a certainty.

Therefore, given it shapes the provision hearing healthcare in Australia, we should all pay attention to the Review of the Hearing Services Program (HSP), and to the final report handed down recently by its Independent Expert Panel.

Established in its current form in 1997, the Program has historically focused on the provision of hearing aids and devices.

But, while many Australians benefit significantly from the HSP and hearing device technology, our community tells us that, even at its best, this mode of hearing healthcare does not fully meet their needs.

You can read the full article here.