A display of various hearing aids and devices


Hearing Bank

Soundfair’s Hearing Bank is the only service of its kind in Victoria. It aims to overcome the social and emotional impacts of hearing conditions by providing hearing healthcare and devices to people who couldn’t otherwise afford them.

A pair of hearing aids purchased through the private market ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 and Federal Government funding for hearing aids is limited, leaving many people to struggle with hearing conditions on their own. While we know that hearing aids and other devices aren’t the only solution, being unable to afford this type of support exacerbates the social and emotional impacts of hearing conditions. That doesn’t sound fair to us.

Donate from as little as $5, today

Did you know that the Soundfair Hearing Bank contributes at least $650,000 to the Victorian economy each year through recycled heaRing aids?


The issue mainly affects people in their 30s–50s, who represent our community’s most marginalised and disadvantaged, such as:

single income families

low-income, unemployed and under-employed

refugees and asylum seekers


How the Soundfair Hearing BANK


Step one

Each client has their hearing tested and assessed to determine the type of hearing aid needed and the programming it will require.

Step two

Ear mould impressions may be taken while the Soundfair Connection Coaches search through the range of donated hearing aids to find the right fit for each client, programming it to meet its new owner’s specific needs. 

Step three:

Each client is fitted with their new hearing aid.

The Soundfair Hearing Bank offers holistic support and training for people with hearing conditions before sending them home with their recycled hearing aid. This supports the people we work with to feel empowered and to maintain their hearing aid between visits. If you feel the Soundfair Hearing Bank service is for you, please contact our Soundfair Clinic to discuss your options [email protected] or contact 1300 242 842.