For General practitioners

These resources have been developed by Soundfair with support from the Deafness Foundation.

One in six Australians experience hearing loss. It can take on average eight years before people decide to take action after first noticing their hearing loss. There are many reasons why this may be the case (for example, stigma of hearing loss and hearing aids), but there are medical, social and emotional consequences to untreated hearing loss (such as, cognitive decline, depression, social isolation and fatigue).  

The resources below were developed to provide health professionals with the information and resources to support early identification of hearing loss and to ease the friction of the hearing help seeking pathway for you and your patients.  

referral algorithm

When to refer adults for hearing tests

find an audiologist

patient resources

Downloadable factsheets

Online Hearing Screening

Health professionals can use the hearWHOpro app to screen people’s hearing in a few minutes

Funding Pathways

Not sure what funding hearing health support there may be for your patient? This consumer-facing resource explains the programs available.

Raise awareness

Download and print this poster for your clinic to spread the word.

Individuals with lived experience of hearing conditions were instrumental in the development of this initiative and we are extremely grateful for their contribution.