Hearing-friendly magnetic badges

Masks are going to be a part of our daily lives for a long time to come, but many people find they make communication much more difficult. We’ve had Melbourne-designed and -manufactured clear masks available for some time, but clear masks can only ever be part of the solution. Most people are wearing masks that hide their mouth, making lipreading impossible and obscuring the contextual cues that help those of us with hearing loss, auditory processing disorders and tinnitus understand speech.

Soundfair believes that good communication is everyone’s responsibility. So, we’re excited to now offer hearing-friendly badges in two designs: “I am hearing friendly: I will remove my mask, if asked” and “Please be hearing friendly: remove your mask, if asked”. With a magnetic fastener instead of a pin, these badges won’t harm your clothes or pierce your mask.

Clear masks – with tie or elastic fastening – and hearing-friendly magnetic badges are available from the Soundfair online shop or, in person, from the Soundfair Hearing Centre in Mount Waverley. We also have bulk packs of 50 badges available for resale with an eye-catching point-of-sale display tent – again, available for order via the online shop.

Let’s all make clear communication our shared responsibility, with clear masks and hearing-friendly badges.

please be hearing friendly and remove your mask badges, magnetic  closures