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At the Soundfair Hearing Centre, we understand that hearing conditions are about more than just ears, and hearing care is about more than just devices.

The Soundfair Hearing Centre difference

When you connect with us, you take the lead.

You tell us your story and we hear it. You tell us what life is like for you with your hearing condition, and we listen to you. You tell us what a better life could look like for you, and we support and empower you to get there.

We focus on you as a whole person, and work with you to co-design your health and well-being goals. We support you to address the social, emotional and audiological aspects of your hearing condition. connect you with the information, resources, supports, services and communities you need to reach those goals, self-advocate, and live an empowered life.

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, we can freely offer all devices available in the Australian market. We do not have preferred supplier arrangements and Soundfair and its personnel do not receive any commissions, incentives or benefits for any device recommendation made. The work of our clinic supports our overall mission to transform the experience, inclusion and wellbeing of people with hearing conditions by amplifying their diverse voices, focusing on the whole person and catalysing change across the system and society.

We think that sounds fair, don’t you?


  • Independent, objective, whole-person focused advice on all hearing conditions.
  • Hearing tests – adults, school-aged children, diagnostic, pre-employment, second opinion.
  • Hearing aids and other hearing assistive device fittings – private,  government-funded and Hearing bank recycled device program.
  • Communication skills training courses for individuals and families
  • Social and psychological support relating to hearing conditions
  • Hearing in the workplace support and Workplace Education and assessments
  • Tinnitus counselling and management support


  • As an independent, for-purpose organisation dedicated to a fair world for people with hearing conditions, our Hearing Centre revenue supports us to provide free services to those who are unfunded, underserved and most vulnerable in our community.
  • Medicare rebates are available for diagnostic audiology services with GP referral.
  • Free hearing services and hearing aids through the government’s Hearing Services Program*
  • Specialised support services via the Commonwealth Home Support Program and My Aged Care referrals*
  • Hearing Bank service, providing free hearing services and hearing devices to those seeking refuge or asylum, and concession rates to those on low income or experiencing hardship
  • (*eligibility criteria apply)



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