Person holds the HearMe Report

The HearMe Project

The HearMe Project is working to bring a world of hearing equality closer.

The HearMe project’s strength comes the breadth of its consultation partners and will be of interest, not to mention value, to anyone working in the following areas:

We invite you to be part of it.

If we don’t have an inclusive society, the impacts of hearing conditions are not just physiological, the impacts are emotional, they’re psychological, they’re social and we need to take this into account.

Soundfair exists to create a fair world for people with hearing conditions – particularly those most vulnerable – through connection and participation. In order to effectively reflect and address the social determinants of health related to living with hearing conditions, our approach to advocacy is deeply rooted in stories of lived experience. And while every story is different, reflecting each individual’s unique life journey, there are points of commonality – the shared experience of living in a society that is both actively and passively disabling.

Two women test an accessibility speech to text app at the HearMe art installation.

The first phase of the project began with a six-month community consultation and culminated in the publication of the HearMe Report; an immersive art exhibition by Kate Disher-Quill, author of Earshot; and keynote presentations by Minister Mark Coulton, Suzanne Waldron and Dr Caitlin Barr. The HearMe Report identified ten areas that require society-wide action:

The next phases of the HearMe Project will look to shape policy, promote cross-sector research and catalyse change because we believe businesses, governments, communities and health professionals can learn more and do more. The HearMe Project is bringing together the multidisciplinary expertise from government, community, medicine, allied health, business and academia. We are encouraging the necessary discussions relating to the most pressing challenges, as identified by people with hearing conditions, while encouraging collaboration and partnerships to deliver effective change. It is about reimagining what our world can be.

People attending the HearMe Immersive Art exhibition watch video of a man signing.