ICYMI: Soundfair in The Senior

The Senior wrote a fantastic article about the launch of Soundfair’s hearing health resources:

With funding from the Deafness Foundation, the suite of resources has been developed by Soundfair in consultation with GPs and co-designed by people with hearing loss

“Hearing loss can significantly reduce the quality of life and quality of healthcare that people receive,” said Deafness Foundation Vice President Professor Colette McKay. “This project is a great step towards providing GPs and consumers with the resources they need to be aware of the impact of hearing loss on their communications and to know how they can best seek help for their hearing loss.”

Soundfair’s Dr Jessica Vitkovic said: “We’re proud to have facilitated the co-design of these information resources and thank all our participants for their input. It’s important that the individual’s journey from hearing loss awareness to accessing healthcare is supported and that opportunities for support are not missed.”

You can read the whole piece here: https://www.thesenior.com.au/story/7722411/new-help-for-hearing-loss/

To help spread the word, download the poster:

Poster for download - hear well, live well

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Need help finding an audiologist? Use this tool to find an audiologist near you. You may also find this resource useful when choosing your hearing health clinician.

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