IDA Institute grant

Did you know Soundfair is currently undertaking a research project to test the feasibility, usability and utility of developing an outcome ‘dashboard’ that routinely tracks person-centred care experiences alongside other success measures in a hearing rehabilitation organisation?

To provide the highest quality hearing health care, hearing rehabilitation organisations must provide ‘person-centred’ care, which is care that is designed around the person with the hearing loss, respects individual preferences and values, and reinforces shared decision making and goal setting. However, it can be difficult to measure the impact of person-centred care, and track improvements in person-centred practice within a clinic or organisation.

This project aims to develop a tool which tracks and displays person-centred care experiences alongside a range of other outcomes in an efficient and practical way. “We are excited to bring together our passion for person-centred approaches, evidence, and impact to this co-design project which places consumers at the centre but includes and works with the needs of managers and clinicians in the development of the outcome dashboard” says Dr Jessica Vitkovic, the principal researcher. “Including all stakeholders in the development and testing ensures we measure what matters and in a way that is feasible and useful to all.”

The information provided by the outcome dashboard will empower hearing health care professionals and organisations to guide and improve person-centred practices.