Making hearing seen and people heard.




For more than 90 years, we have been led by lived experience and taken an approach that puts people – not just their ears – at the centre of everything we do. We are about #MoreThanJustEars and #MoreThanJustDevices. Are you?

Just released – Soundmind Education program.

Who is Soundfair?


For 90 years, our organisation has played a vital role in assisting people navigate the experience of living with hearing conditions.

As well as assisting people with hearing conditions, Soundfair wants to help those around them because good communication is everyone’s responsibility. We want to eliminate the social and emotional impacts of hearing conditions, and create a world of sound accessibility for everyone – particularly those most vulnerable – through connection and participation.

It’s about reimagining one-on-one support, and bringing about meaningful change across the community. We work to connect people, create new solutions, and make changes not just for the benefit of individuals, but for all of society.

We think it’s fair.
How does that sound to you?