Wake ‘N’ Shake Loud Alarm Clock with Shaker


Now you can ensure you are always on time for your appointment, and waking up has never been so easy!

The compact and portable Wake ‘n’ Shake Dynamite is an alarm clock with features that are useful not only for the hard of hearing but also for heavy sleepers and students.

The WNS80, although small, packs a real punch with an extra loud (+95 dB*) alarm, to ensure it wakes you!

This product has been designed for people of all ages that need a loud wake up call.

This alarm clock includes a shaker (2 levels), extra loud alarm, and flashing LED alert. It also includes a USB charging port for smart phones and other electronics (not supplied).

The WNS80 also features a dimmer switch, which makes it easier for those who prefer to have lower light on their clock display.

The product is supplied with an adaptor plug, but in case of power failure you can use a back up battery – CR2032 (not supplied).