Soundfair Hearing Bank recipient, Glyn Lewis

About ten years ago, Glen was working as a waiter. He started to notice that customers couldn’t get his attention and eventually came to the realisation that he had started to develop a hearing condition. In a very short time, Glen had to try and lip-read his customers’ orders but in his profession, it became more and more challenging. He started to take orders incorrectly and misinterpret what people said; he lost his job and found it impossible to find employment. He tried to gain access to affordable hearing aids but he could not find any support.

Glyn found himself on Centrelink and his confidence eroded. He became isolated and depressed. He was told that if he was a pensioner he could gain access to a hearing aid, but being on Centrelink benefits there was no hearing support designed for his situation; he felt like he was falling through the cracks. Glyn found day-to-day life daunting and felt extremely isolated from society.

In 2019, Glyn hit rock bottom. His hearing had declined over those ten years and he was unable to find employment; consequently, he could not afford a hearing aid. It became a vicious cycle!  

In 2019, Glyn found Soundfair and gained access to a reconditioned hearing aid. He describes that day as his ‘saviour’. Glyn believes that if he had had access to a new or reconditioned hearing aid over the ten years he was searching for help, he would have gained employment. Not having access to an affordable a hearing aid has had a significant impact on his ability to work, his mental well-being and connection to society. He hopes that Soundfair can assist more people like him in the future.