Connection Coach

At Soundfair, we offer a Connection Coach experience, ensuring you receive independent advice about your hearing aid, and to support you with approaches to connect with your family, friends, colleagues and employer.

We specialise in bringing the social and emotional impacts of hearing conditions to the forefront of your hearing journey. Along with prioritising the social aspects of your hearing journey, we work with a variety of people who are new to their hearing journey, or those who have lived their whole lives with a hearing condition. You hearing condition may be:

Associated with ageing.

Acquired through disease, injury or sound exposure.

From birth or childhood.

You are more than just your ears and device.

We are here to support you at any age and stage. We can assist you to manage: poor speech discrimination, fluctuating hearing conditions, poor auditory processing, and communication difficulties in background sound.

With the benefit of Soundfair services, you will experience change for the better, including:

  • greater workforce participation
  • improved participation in education, training and English language skills
  • increased confidence and independence; decreased feelings of social isolation
  • better communication skills and group interactions
  • ability to use fixed and mobile telephones.