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At Soundfair, we understand that hearing conditions are about more than just your ears. Book an appointment with a Connection Coach to take the first step towards person-centred hearing care.

We work with you to address the medical, social and emotional impacts of your hearing condition. Together, we explore your needs and options and empower and connect you with the relevant information and resources, supports, services, and community programs to ensure you live well and proudly.

We are here to support you at any age and stage. We can assist you to manage: poor speech discrimination, fluctuating hearing conditions, poor auditory processing, and communication difficulties in background sound.

With the benefit of Soundfair services, you will experience change for the better, including:

  • greater workforce participation
  • improved participation in education, training and English language skills
  • increased confidence and independence; decreased feelings of social isolation
  • better communication skills and group interactions
  • ability to use fixed and mobile telephones.

Our testing meets the requirements of:

There is a charge of $120 associated with our service. Please note, the concession rate is $100 and for people seeking refuge and/or asylum there is no charge.

The work of the clinic supports Soundfair and our goal to eliminate the social and emotional impacts of hearing conditions.



We offer screening, testing and consultations face-to-face. We also offer consultations (only) via telehealth.

Our face-to-face sessions are held in our Melbourne CBD Soundfair Clinic, and our telehealth services are available online.

In the professional healthcare setting, face-to-face consultations have largely been the norm. In recent times, we have embraced alternative solutions, ensuring our clients’ health and safety. We have started offering telehealth consultations and encourage them where possible and appropriate. There are several components of our audiological practice that still require some direct contact, but a significant portion can be successfully undertaken via telehealth solutions. If you have not had a telehealth appointment before, one of our Connection Coaches can talk you through your options and get you set up.

Like a traditional face-to-face consultation, your privacy is paramount during a telehealth appointment. We will always ensure that your privacy is upheld.

Please contact a Connection Coach, who is also a trained audiologist, to discuss your options.

Hearing testing and review

Soundfair’s Clinic offers hearing testing, assessment and review.

Hearing testing provides up-to-date feedback and information about your hearing.

We offer hearing tests at our clinic and via telehealth.

A hearing test takes around 30-45 minutes. Our audiologists (who are also Connection Coaches) conduct testing and screening, explain your results and provide follow-up information and advice. You’ll also receive a copy of your audiogram.

Pre-employment screening

Many employers request new workers have a hearing check before starting employment. 

Employers may want to:

  • make sure hearing ability meets specific workplace safety needs
  • identify a base hearing level for monitoring and conservation
  • determine a pre-existing hearing condition.

children’s hearing screening

You may notice your child has signs of a hearing condition, such as:

  • no response from a distance
  • unclear speech
  • delays in speech and language or education.

Good hearing enables children to learn and develop communication skills.

Consult your GP if you are concerned about your child’s hearing. If the problem persists, a hearing test may be necessary. 

To find out more, and discuss your options with one of our Connection Coaches

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