Connection coach

Hearing conditions are diverse – as are people and their needs – and finding the right support is essential. A Connection Coach can help you navigate the hearing sector and explore all of your options.

Soundfair offers a non‑medical navigation option in the form of a Soundfair Connection Coach. The coach’s role is whole‑person‑centred, assessing all of your non-medical needs: emotional, social, psychological and spiritual.

Once you are assessed, the Connection Coach’s role is to ensure that you are supported holistically and to refer you to specialist services if and when necessary.

Your coach can provide external referrals for clinical solutions. For example, booking an appointment with an audiologist, tinnitus specialist, or ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist.

Soundfair’s Connection Coach can support you with the following information, ensuring you receive the right support based on your personal circumstances:

  • Information about hearing funding models; and
  • Trusted advice for device and technological solutions.

… you have a hearing condition that you will have to manage for the rest of your life. Hearing conditions are invisible, but the social and emotional impacts are not.


that you finally know what’s been going on. Things start to make sense.


at the thought of what your partner may feel, and how you will explain what support you will need from your boss.


at the thought of what this means for your social life. 


at having to wear a hearing aid.


that the advice you’ve received is correct.

Where do you turn?


We get it. We want a world that sounds fair for you, and to you.

We meet you at various points along your journey, and support you to find the right solutions for you. That sounds fair to us.

This type of service is similar to a case management model, where you are paired with a coach and put at the centre of your journey. Once paired, you are able to co‑design your health and well‑being goals and plans, supporting you to self‑advocate and live an empowered life.

Hearing conditions are about more than just ears and devices.

You are more than just ears 

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