About Soundfair

Soundfair is a non-profit committed to hearing equality. For 90 years, we have worked to eliminate the social and emotional impact of Victorians living with hearing conditions. Today, we’re proud to continue our work by engaging with people, delivering innovative experiences, serving our community and being a catalyst for change

We want to create urban, work and personal environments that allow fair sound accessibility for those with hearing conditions, recognising the effect it has on them individually and those around them. We want to be a ‘go to’ network who will help the under served navigate through life’s hurdles, instilling a sense of belonging within their community; socially, physically, emotionally, spiritually and culturally. Sound fair?


Our strategy

With our new Connect | Create | Catalyse Strategy, our ambition is to transform lives, the system and ourselves. We will do this by engaging with people, not just ears; by creating the future of hearing experiences; by serving our community and particularly those most vulnerable, and, by catalysing change across the system. To find out more about our strategy, please contact info@soundfair.org.au 

“All I want is to help others see those who have trouble hearing.” 
Sound fair?


The Board

Christopher Carter


Adjunct Associate Professor Christopher Carter FIML GAICD, was appointed a Board Member in November 2019, and Chairman early 2020. 

Dianne Semmens


After enjoying working with the program so much previously, Dianne decided to start up her own company to sell and support Attaché software.

Kim Turudia


Kim has been a member of Soundfair since November 2017. She believes that it’s important to utilise the knowledge and the skills that she has gained in healthcare management over the past 25 years.

Ross Green


Ross was appointed a Board Member in November 2019. He is a strategic communications professional with a background in public health. 

Scott Fisher, Board Director at Soundfair



Scott Fisher joined the Soundfair Board in October 2020, and brings a broad range of experience, having held executive leadership positions in the financial planning and advisory sector.

How you can support us

get involveD

With your generous support, we can continue our important work, helping people with hearing conditions get the support that they need to live fulfilled lives. There are many ways that you can support us to support those in need.