Soundfair welcomes referrals from health professionals.

Patient Referrals

Soundfair welcomes referrals from medical practitioners and other health professionals. We approach all our clinic services with the understanding that hearing conditions are about more than just ears, and hearing care is about more than just devices.

Medicare rebates apply for diagnostic audiology services. Medicare rebates are also available with a Chronic Disease Management Care plan and GP referral. For all appointment information and referral advice, please email info@soundfair.org.au or call 1300 242 842. 

Free support for medical practices

Is your clinic hearing friendly?

Soundfair’s vision is a fair world for people living with hearing conditions, but did you know that hearing friendly practises make communication easier for everyone?  Connection and Communication is everyone’s responsibility.  

Hearing friendly staff training

We have seen the challenge that wearing face masks has had on our ability to communicate easily and effectively. For many people with hearing conditions, the frustration and awkwardness we came to experience through mask wearing is a routine event in your clinic. 

We provide on-site training for all your patient-facing staff on techniques and strategies they can use to support hearing friendly communication. Hearing friendly communication will speed up patient interactions and improve patient satisfaction with your clinic.

Hearing friendly clinic analysis

Soundfair provides onsite assessments of your clinic waiting room and all patient areas for their degree of hearing friendliness. We provide information and advice on how to improve everyone’s communication abilities including acoustic considerations, voice fatigue minimisation, furnishings, lighting impacts and more, all free of charge.

That sounds fair doesn’t it?

Get hearing friendly today.

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