Sound Leadership Program

We believe that tackling the real challenges for people with hearing conditions requires leadership at all levels of society, a special kind of leadership. Together, we can create a movement for change. 

With many years of experience working with hearing organisations in implementing person-centred care, our team can help you to mobilise the skills and talents of people and assets, honing business outcomes and creating social change for people with hearing conditions

Sound Leadership training and conversations

We run workshops to up-skill and bring people together so we can all empower hearing equality. Find out about upcoming events and workshops.

Sound consulting

Our dedicated and experienced team work with organisations and management to implement person and community centred approaches, using human-centred design approaches. Get in contact with Dr Caitlin Barr, CEO to learn more, [email protected] or 1300 242 842.

There was a Sound Leadership: Deeper Dive session on 14 July 2020, so what’s next?

Over 40 people participated in the Sound Leadership: Deeper Dive online session, which was a follow-on from the Sound Leadership discussion which took place during the Soundfair Transformation event on 23 June. 

The session focussed on individual leadership to contribute to #hearingequality. It was about the leadership of self and the immediate leadership work that could be done at ‘work’. What might be done together is something that may emerge down the track as the Soundfair Pionears and hearing equality movement growsStarting now individually and connected by a shared purpose will create a movement towards #hearingequality.  

A fuller recap of the event, outlining the theory, tools and follow-ups agreed-to can be found below in the resources section. 

If you came to the event you may want to jump to the Your Adaptive Challenges – Next Steps Guide below. This will step you through how you can build on the work we did at the session and create a personal and/or ‘work’ plan to take the first steps to move towards where you want to get to as you do leadership towards #hearingequality. 

If you didn’t come to the session you can also use this guide to generate your personal and/or work leadership action but checking out the fuller recap of the event might be a good place to start. 

Your Adaptive Challenges – Next Steps Guide includes links to the tools demonstrated during the session. 

The next Sound Leadership session is on 11 August lunchtime, however, this date may change depending on the feedback we receive from the last session. We will keep you updated about upcoming dates and times as soon as possible. 

Anyone wanting to become more ‘leadershipful’ for #hearingequality is most welcome to come.


Your Adaptive Challenges – Next Steps Guide

Three key tools for Sound Leadership

Sound Leadership Deeper Dive Recap

One Page Plan Template

Example One Page Plan Template