Our research

Creating change means being willing to ask hard questions, be curious about ‘why’, and to question the status‑quo. We believe that creating change goes hand‑in‑hand with using evidence and creating evidence. This is how we work:

We conduct our own research to co-design and create solutions.

We partner, collaborate and support research.

We are called on to use our research expertise to inform change. 

Our passion for research starts with our team. Several of our team members have PhDs in service design, hearing conditions and social and mental health. Here is a snapshot of our team who are ready to work with you.

Dr Caitlin


Dr Caitlin Barr is an international leader, researcher and advocate in person-centred hearing care. Since completing her PhD, Caitlin has led research projects focussed on a) optimising how hearing conditions are supported by audiologists and other health professionals, and b) better understanding the true needs and impacts of hearing conditions on people and their families. 

Key research skills and areas for research collaboration:

– Service design, service improvement, clinical services
– Person-centred care, family-centred care
– Qualitative, human-centred design, co-design, mixed methods
– Social and emotional, psychosocial impacts of hearing conditions
– System change, implementation, behaviour change.

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Dr Jessica Vitkovic

Innovation and Experience Design Lead

Dr Jessica Vitkovic is a leader, researcher and advocate in vestibular audiology and clinical audiology pedagogical design and practice. She is also a passionate creative with a drive to design with the end-user in mind and has a track record in creating new services to meet unmet needs of consumers.

Key research skills and areas for research collaboration:

– Clinical research, vestibular diagnosis, rehabilitation, assessment, vestibular migraine, motion sickness, electrophysiological assessment, neural adaptation, the lived-experience of persons impacted by hearing and vestibular disorders
– Educational research
– Professionalism in healthcare
– Person-centred practices
– Simulation and flipped classrooms on learning outcomes.

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