Soundfair exists to eliminate the social and

emotional impacts of hearing conditions.

With more than 1 in 6 people experiencing hearing conditions, we know that we can’t eliminate this issue on our own. It’s going to take resources, time, patience and commitment.

Many people with hearing conditions face barriers to obtaining adequate support, and some even go without hearing aids. We have developed the Hearing Bank to support those who would otherwise be unable to access hearing healthcare, but people still slip through the cracks. 

Vulnerable members of our community require our organisational support to live well, stay socially connected, and to feel proud about themselves. Sounds fair to us.

make an impact


From shouting a storyteller a flat white to securing studio time for filming – from $5 to $500 – every dollar helps a story to be heard and learned from.

give the gift of hearing care

Did you know it costs $50 to make an ear mould, $250 to refurbish a hearing aid and $1000 for a full program of individual support, including hearing aid fitting?

make the connection

Hold space for someone to be supported with a Connection Coach consultation for $250. Or donate to help Soundfair grow this offering around Australia.


Support Soundfair’s work to bring a fair world for people with hearing conditions closer

Donate Now

Through your donation, you will be supporting us to: 

Provide community initiatives:
Hearing Equality Program, educational programs, and Tinnitus Australia.

Offer professional support services:
Social health and well-being programs, social and emotional health resources, and audiology services.

Enable innovation and leadership:
Innovative and human-centred projects, Sound Leadership Workshops, and other social impact projects.