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Your teacher, partner, colleague, friend, tram driver, and shop assistant all have one thing in common: a hearing condition. More than 1 in 6 people experience hearing conditions. That one person could be you, or someone you know and love. Let’s work together to find creative solutions to ensure we can all access the same information, experiences, and quality of life. Our community is filled with incredible people, stories, experiences, and unique qualities. Central to our mission and vision is social and emotional connection. To achieve this, we have several community programs and initiatives.


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Newspaper page. Headline: Unheard stories at Glenbrook

Roll up, roll up: read all about it!


Dr Caitlin Barr, Soundfair CEO, interviewed


Unheard Stories: new screenings announced


Blue Mountains Gazette headline: Amplify this: Unheard stories at Glenbrook cinema

Unheard Stories in the Blue Mountains


ICYMI: Soundfair in The Senior


Poster for download - hear well, live well

Hearing health factsheets

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Community Projects


Hearing Aid Bank

Soundfair’s Hearing Aid Bank is an unfunded program and the only bank of its kind in Victoria.

Soundfair initiative

Tinnitus Australia

a collective network comprised of medical and allied health organisations working to eliminate the social and emotional impacts of tinnitus. 


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