Dr Caitlin Barr


Caitlin is passionate about facilitating participation and connectedness, particularly in ageing and disability sectors, and does this through bringing together innovation in health services research, education and community engagement. Caitlin is a senior lecturer in Audiology within the School of Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne. Dr Barr’s research focuses on how hearing disability plays a pivotal role in older adults’ wellbeing with a specific focus on the role of health professionals in providing health care that is in keeping with principals of person-centred care. Caitlin is an experienced lecturer, Board director and advocate for change in hearing care.

Dr Jessica Vitkovic


Jessica, our Business (Model) Designer and Experience Lead, will be focussing on creating and delivering a truly person-centred, whole-system experience with people impacted by hearing conditions. She has extensive experience across the field of audiology, in particular across education, advocacy and service delivery. A natural leader, Jessica is as entrepreneurial as they get, and comes to us brimming with innovative ideas to create person-centred experiences. 

Jacqui TrethowaN


Jacqui, our Service Impact Lead, will work to transform existing service provision and will develop new offerings to generate impact and resources, ensuring that those most vulnerable have their needs met. With extensive background across private, hospital and not-for-profit organisations in audiology, accrued across Australia and internationally, Jacqui brings a strong sense of ethical practice and impact.

Prue Thomas


Prue, our Strong Business Lead, will enable our mission through fantastic front-of-house engagement and back-end infrastructure and delivery. Prue has over ten years of experience working in the medico-legal field, dealing with Workers Compensation, Legal, CTP and Life insurance industries. Her focus will be on ensuring our front-of-house and operations systems are exemplars of person-centred care, so that we can focus on compassion and empathy for the people walking through our door. 

Camille Gierck


Camille, our Engagement Lead, will drive Soundfair’s engagement and resource development, creating community awareness and impact. A background in the behaviour change space and experience communicating sensitive issues will see her drive the essential message: hearing conditions are a community issue requiring compassion, empathy and action. 


Natalie Braude


Natalie is a highly-experienced audiologist with over 13 years of practice in both Victoria and the UK. She is a strong advocate for person-centered care, and draws upon a wealth of knowledge in the areas of hearing conditions and tinnitus management. Natalie is passionate about helping people better understand the impact of hearing conditions, and is excited to share her energy and passion through engaging with people from all walks of life. 

Jack Leigh


Jack Leigh has been an Audiologist in Melbourne for 10 years and has run his own private clinic since 2013, specialising in home visits and aged care. He trained, qualified and practised in the UK, before migrating to Australia in 2008 and taking employment with one of the largest audiology providers in the country. Jack has experience in both the public and private sectors, having worked for the National Health Service (NHS) and a selection of private companies. Jack’s main interest is in adult rehabilitation and the satisfaction he receives when he is able to assist a patient in making the change from a private, quiet and lonely life to one filled with vibrancy, social interaction and excitement.

Mary-Ann Law


Mary-Ann Law is an Audiologist in Melbourne and completed her Master of Clinical Audiology degree in 1999 at The University of Melbourne. Since then Mary-Ann has worked in a variety of roles including both the public and private hearing aid sectors, as a Research Audiologist for Cochlear Ltd, and as a member of the Cochlear Implant team at the Eye and Ear Hospital. Mary-Ann has had her own Audiology clinics in Blackburn and Fairfield since 2014. Mary-Ann has been exposed to hearing conditions and hearing aids since a young age as her younger brother was born with a significant hearing condition and first fitted with hearing aids as a child.

Madeleine Lang


Maddi, our Communication and Connection Coach, will provide people-centric services for those impacted by hearing conditions. Maddi graduated from The University of Melbourne with a Master of Clinical Audiology in 2017. Since graduating, Maddi has gained experience working in adult and paediatric rehabilitation in regional Victoria. Touched by the sense of community and connection in regional Victoria, Maddi hopes to incorporate this sense into her new role at Soundfair. Maddi loves collaborating with clients, their families, friends and community to mitigate the social and emotional impacts of hearing conditions. “It’s not about the ears for me but the people who reside between them.”

Dr Siobhan McGinnity


Siobhan joins the team as our inaugural Tinnitus Australia Coach for Tinnitus Australia. With a strong desire to help individuals with complex hearing conditions, Siobhan has a proven track record in ensuring tinnitus doesn’t slip through the cracks when we talk about hearing conditions. She has more recently worked as a research audiologist at the University of Melbourne, lecturing in tinnitus and establishing their holistic tinnitus management service. She also completed her PhD in 2019, focussed on preventing hearing injury in the music industry, which won awards both nationally and internationally. She brings with her a wealth of experience in the non-for-profit and advocacy sector and has a passion for accessibility. Her work motto is to ‘sit in the space between’, to help guide individuals with compassion through the uncertainty of diagnosis and their pathway to recovery.