Future developments

Leadership means adaptability. We are currently undergoing rapid change and growth, ensuring we can be the organisation that society needs us to be.  

Over the next 12 months, we will be discovering, prototyping and piloting this human-centred projects. For more information about our future projects, please contact Jess, our Business (Model) Designer and Experience Lead, [email protected] or 1300 242 842.

Hearing Equality Program

How can we reimagine how all people can access person-centred hearing supports where and when they need it, in a culturally sensitive and affordable way?

Social Health and Well-being Program

How can we overcome isolation and loneliness while optimising social environments so people with hearing conditions can be social and emotionally connected?

Join us

Did you hear that we’re creating the hearing equality movement? Click here to find out more about joining us to create a fair world for people with hearing conditions.