James story

I was feeling very disheartened with my hearing. I approached my job provider the Salvation Army in regard to my hearing loss and employment. They referred me to a hearing establishment in Croydon, the manager from there put me onto an organisation called Soundfair.

I walked into Soundfair with no appointment as I thought what’s the point, they won’t be able to help me. Upon walking in, I met the Soundfair team who listened to me, understood me, and showed immense empathy and understanding. I was booked for an appointment to see Soundfair’s audiologist.

Anushka did an audiology test on me like I’ve never had before, then arranged for myself to pick up some stronger hearing aids the following week. When I did go in a week later, I told her I had lost all hearing in my right ear. She immediately filled out a report and sent me to the Eye and Ear hospital. All along I have had exemplarity care, compassion, and respect.

Thanks to Soundfair I will be getting a Cochlear Implant and a stronger hearing aid for my left ear. I would just like to say coming from a low strata and from a family that didn’t participate much as a family I have learnt one valuable lesson from these glorious and gracious people.

These people showed to me the true meaning of those two words… fraternity… sharing all knowledge of all things not just academic… fraternity all-inclusiveness not exclusiveness.

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