Questions for your first audiology appointment

If you are reading this, you have probably already done a bit of background reading about hearing conditions, devices, funding options and types of hearing loss…if not, you can visit to learn more about all these topics.

Maybe you have already made an appointment for a hearing test with an audiologist or audiometrist. If so, you have no doubt learned a lot already, but part of that learning process is no doubt realising there are still so many questions you want to ask!

It’s really important that you feel confident to ask questions, and sometimes it helps to be prepared by writing them down before your appointment so you don’t forget. You can take a notebook with you to jot down responses or information or, if it’s easier, you can ask to use your phone to record your consultation.

Assessment questions

  • Can I get a copy of my results or an explanation of my results in writing?
  • How can I learn more about my test result or my condition?

Solution/service questions

  • Do I really need this solution/service?
  • How likely is this solution/service to be successful?
  • What are the likely benefits and risks from this solution/service?
  • Are there simpler or alternative options?
  • What happens if I don’t do anything? (see our resource called ‘Tools to help with decision making’ at Ask if it might get worse or better if you don’t act.
  • What are the costs? Costs can be financial, emotional or a cost of your time. Is there a cheaper or easier alternative?
  • What is the process of obtaining this solution/service? For example, how many appointments, for how long?
  • Can I trial the device(s) before purchasing or get a refund if it’s not working for me?
  • Are there other services/specialists outside of your clinic that might be useful in my situation?

Of course, you are always entitled to ask for clarification on anything that is not clear to you.

Finally, if a hearing device or other service is recommended, don’t feel pressured to make a decision on the day. Ask for a written quote, and be comfortable to seek a second opinion.